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Verification Workshops    November 6, 2015

The Verilab Verification Workshops are a set of comprehensive training and consultancy packages targeting a wide range of subjects comprising the most important aspects of modern verification environment development, from verification planning and management through to advanced implementation strategies for key problems in this domain. The workshops can all be taken individually, or in combinations, and will not only increase the awareness and expertise of your verification teams, but will take them to the next level of mastery in this complex and challenging field.

Verilab's extensive practical experience in applying modern constrained-random coverage-driven verification techniques across a wide range of projects for many different clients has shown that there is a need for advanced training in verification techniques, methodologies and language-specific implementation details. However, this is not enough; the real power of the workshops is that the face-to-face interactive training sessions are coupled with expert level consultancy which allows the theory to be tightly bound to the clients applications, code-base, tool-flow and project-specific problems. Where appropriate, the workshops also provide background resources in the form of code libraries, templates, checklists, documents and tools in order to jump-start the effectiveness of the client teams.

The PDF below has full details of the available workshops which include

  • Clock Domain Crossing
  • Advanced UVM
  • Register Modeling
  • Verification Planning
  • Verification Management
  • Requirements Based Verification

For further information or detailed syllabus on any of the Verilab Verification Workshops, please contact us via email:

( Mark Litterick )

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