SNUG Austin 2013: Applications of Custom UVM Report Servers


Technical Committee Best Paper Award

The Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) provides a feature-rich set of reporting and message handling objects. These message handlers are being improved in UVM version 1.2 to provide an OOP-style messaging infrastructure. This paper discusses the existing handlers in UVM 1.1 and previews the implementation coming in UVM 1.2. A common task in many verification environments is customizing the log format and this paper will show how to do this for the UVM 1.1 and UVM 1.2 base class libraries. Methods to extend both implementations to produce log files using markup text formats will be discussed. Several use cases for these structured text files are also considered, with examples using an XML based approach that can be extended to other markup formats or SQL database storage, as needed. An interactive GUI, built to manipulate this structured log format, is demonstrated that enables complex filtering and dynamic message reconstruction as well as command line filtering approaches to produce custom reports.

( Gordon McGregor )

September 1, 2013