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vlab_util package (for specman/e)    July 13, 2015

Verilab e-Language Utility Library

An e-language package that provides some utility macros+methods.
If you run ./ it will use and test all macros. So it works a bit like a unit test for the library.

To use the package in your own code include the following line:

import e/vlab_util_top;

    contains the CDNLive 2014 EMEA presentation as well as the paper.

    contains the actual e macro/utility code

   contains example code and some self checking of the macro implementation

Download available from ( Thorsten Dworzak )

vzDoc    May 1, 2005

vzDoc is an automatic documentation tool for Vera, in the same way that Javadoc is such a tool for Java. Online Manual; Press Release

Verilab Text Preprocessor    April 1, 2002

This program is the Verilab text processor. It performs a function similar to cpp, but with much more power and flexibility, allowing versatile pre-processing of text files, typically programming source or hardware description languages.

Vera Dynamic Class Array    April 23, 2002

This class provides a DynamicArray for Vera that is faster than the in-built associative arrays. It is not intended for use as an associative array. New elements can only be added directly after the last element.

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General downloads for blog article links    November 17, 2015

An area to store articles that are linked to blog articles.

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