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SystemVerilog and UVM Training in Austin, Apr 20-24 2015

Sunburst Design and Verilab have joined forces to provide what we think is a pretty unique training opportunity to be held in Austin (TX) next week.

Over two courses and five days, from April 20-24, we’ll deliver a hybrid training course, covering the core fundamentals needed to master SystemVerilog and UVM, augmented with up-to-date real-industry application experiences. It will be suitable for beginners in SV, but also for people with up 2 years’ experience with the language.

The training will be delivered by SystemVerilog guru Cliff Cummings, and Verilab Fellow and co-founder, Mark Litterick, who presented an Advanced UVM Tutorial at DVCon Europe 2014.

For more information and registration instructions see: www.sunburst-design.com/systemverilog_training_schedule

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