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Verilab at DVCon 2021

This year DVCon will be a little different as the conference is going to be fully virtual. However, Verilab’s proud tradition of participating with quality presentations and attendance goes unchanged. We have prepared two presentations for this year’s conference, both streamed live on March 2nd, from DVCon’s website dvcon.org

Our first presentation is “To Infinity and Beyond – Streaming Data Sequences in UVM” from multi-award wining consultants Mark Litterick, Jeff Montesano and Jeff Vance. The presentation will focus on the concept of autonomous stimulus generation using streaming data techniques and discusses its applications in the verification of complex sensor style devices.

Our second will be “Configuration Conundrum: Managing Test Configurations With a Bite Sized Solution” by our senior consultants Kevin Vasconcellos and Jeff McNeal. This presentation will demonstrate how customized configurations can be captured in one or multiple constraints with small “policy classes”, enabling easy and dynamic run-time application or removal of configurations required by complex DUT simulation scenarios.

Since this year’s conference is virtual, many of our engineers will be in virtual attendance to connect with. This includes our CTO Jason Sprott, Vice President Vanessa Cooper and Senior Consultant Paul Marriott who will be hosting the “Advanced Verification 2″ session on March 2nd at 15:00 PST. As always, we look forward to meeting you and sharing ideas with the verification community.

For a look at our previously published conference papers and presentations, follow the link here.

See you (virtually) at DVCon 2021!

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