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Specman/e Syntax for Sublime Text 3

This article was originally written by our Principal Consultant Thorsten Dworzak on this site. Minor edits were made here for formatting reasons.

According to the 2018 StackOverflow Developer Survey, the popularity of development environments (IDEs, Text Editors) among software developers shows the following ranking:

1. Visual Studio Code 34.9%

2. Visual Studio 34.3%

3. Notepad++ 34.2%

4. Sublime Text 28.9%

5. Vim 25.8%

6. IntelliJ 24.9%

7. Android Studio 19.3%

8. Eclipse 18.9%

15. Emacs 4.1%

Of these, only Vim, (DVT) Eclipse and Emacs support editing in the e-language (at least, last time I checked). Not on this list is Kate, which comes with KDE and also has a Specman mode. I had started to use Sublime Text 3 some time ago. It offers packages supporting a number of programming languages. There is an e-language syntax available from Tsvi Mostovicz, but It is unfinished work and many syntactic constructs are missing. So I created a fork of his project and finished it (it will eventually be merged back here). It is a never-ending task because my code base for testing is limited and e is still undergoing development. The package is available through ST3’s Package Control, and your contributions are welcome via this Github project.

I look forward to your pull requests and/or comments!

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  1. Stas Says:

    My IDE #1 is Codelobster - http://www.codelobster.com

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