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“Formal Verification - Getting Started with Confidence” Webinar

Here at Verilab, we’re seeing an increase in formal verification being used on client projects. The tools have come a long way, especially with formal “Apps” that focus on some specific activities, increasing automation for formal tasks.

Today’s formal tools are a serious alternative to simulation for many functional verification tasks. A strong understanding of the terminology, techniques and general tool capabilities is key for a successful adoption. Although the formal tools look different to one another and have different strengths and weaknesses, the underlying techniques are the same. The domain terminology used is consistent and there are standard input languages. Most of what you’ll need to learn applies to tools across the board.

Interested in dipping a toe in the water?

We’ve partnered with Doulos to deliver a FREE webinar “Formal Verification - Getting Started with Confidence”, an introductory session highlighting some key concepts. No experience with formal verification is required.

The webinar will be presented on June 17th, 2016. For more details and registration click here:
Formal Verification - Getting Started with Confidence

2 Responses to ““Formal Verification - Getting Started with Confidence” Webinar”

  1. Jim Yau Says:

    Hello, please sign me up for the webinar. Thanks, Jim

  2. Alex Melikian Says:

    Hi Jim,

    You can register using the link in the post. Cheers!

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