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SNUG SV 2014 Wrap-up

Paul Marriott and Jonathan Bromley won the SNUG2014-SiliconValley’s Technical Program Committee Best Paper award for their paper entitled “Reverse Gear: Re-imagining Randomization Using the VCS Constraint Solver”. Unable to attend the conference in person, Paul was ably represented by Bryan Morris who presented the paper to an audience of around 250 people.

The full paper can be downloaded here: “Reverse Gear” - Re-imagining Randomization with the VCS Constraint Solver (PDF) and the slides can be downloaded here: Presentation (PDF)

The code used in the examples can be downloaded here: vlab_SNUG_2014.tar.gz

Jonathan will be presenting the paper at the C4 session of SNUG UK on Thursday 22nd May and then at the A5 track of SNUG Munich on Tuesday May 27th.

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