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SystemVerilog User Group 2007 Fall Meeting Stats

SVUG started in March 2007 and has had a total of 8 meetings so far. It’s been a great first year for all of us involved with SVUG. The meetings and forum have been met with real enthusiasm. We’ve had some interesting technical discussions with new and experienced developers using SystemVerilog on their projects. We had some great presentations and tutorials, including me banging on about functional coverage, and Verilab’s Mark Litterick presenting some cool Assertion Based Verification techniques. We even managed to get some users to share their own tips and tricks, including our very own JL Gray.

I just got the stats for the fall 2007 meetings. 480 registered in total, 280 attended. Of the people surveyed (nearly everyone that attended the 5 meetings), 60% were using SystemVerilog today. Verification did pretty well out of that, with 67% of the share. Design got 10% and 23% said they used SystemVerilog for both design and verification. From a verification point of view another interesting stat was that 33% of the verification slice, were using the advanced testbench features of the language, and 32% were using SVA. It’s nice to see that more people are starting to use the HVL portion of the language for verification, not just writing assertions. I think this is due in no small to much better tool support and stability by all the vendors.

The growing attendance numbers of the SVUG meetings is a reflection of the interest and uptake of SystemVerilog by the design/verification community. I’m seeing an increase in our client projects using SystemVerilog Verification IP, and finding ways to hook SystemVerilog into their verification environments. Finally, it’s really beginning to feel like SystemVerilog is starting to make a bit of an impact.

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