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Breaking News: Verification problem “under control”!

Yep - that’s right. Gary Smith announced it this morning at DAC. Now it might come as a surprise to those of us who are working in the area of hardware verification, but apparently it’s true. It certainly came as a surprise to me, and to a friend of mine who’s the manager of a hardware team, but perhaps we just have a different interpretation of “under control”. Those of us deep in the verification trenches might say a lot of things about the state of verification today, but I’m not sure “under control” would be one of them :-)

In all fairness though, Gary made this claim in the context of his 5 major design issues list, where he claimed that the top issues were:

  • Software
  • Software
  • Software
  • DFM
  • Power

If verification is under control, then I’d really hate to see how bad a shape these things were in! I suspect though that he means that verification at least has some languages, tools, methodologies and books. Lots of books [1]. Some of the problem areas he mentioned don’t seem to have any solutions just now, so I guess from the outside at least, it probably does look like things are under control.

Verification? Move along folks; there’s nothing to see.


[1] you had to be there

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