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Cool Jetlag Cure Or The Cheapest Giveaway At DAC?

I was feeling a bit jet lagged today at DAC – nothing to do with the wine the evening before – so I decided to visit the Oxygen Party Bar installed at the Mentor Graphics booth. The friendly “bar staff” were only too happy to advise me that a 10 minute shot of the 90 percent concentration of aroma-scented oxygen, would give me “immediate relief”.

Unconvinced and after getting a couple of tubes were stuck up my nose, I stood there looking like I’d just had a visit by the paramedics. Ten minutes later I did indeed feel different and maybe just that bit more clear headed – cool. I can’t really say if it was the rush of blood to my head, caused by the flush of embarrassment as people I knew spotted me standing there, or the revitalizing effects of the oxygen. I decided to give the oxygen cure the benefit of the doubt and keep my personal set of tubes in case I wanted to get a top up later.

One of the other Verilab crew did point out that “air” was a pretty cheap giveaway for Mentor :-) Maybe so, but I’d let them off with it because I also got a nice kite that I can fly at the weekend.


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