SNUG Europe 2005: Utilizing Vera Functional Coverage in the Verification of a Protocol Engine for the FlexRay(TM) Automotive Communication Sytem



The FlexRayTM communication system for advanced automotive control applications such as drive-by-wire is specified at a micro-architectural level using graphical Specification and Description Language (SDL) representations for the main protocol engine operation. Verifying that a specific implementation conforms to this specification requires close attention to all possible state transitions and conditional paths, for a potentially huge variety of node and cluster configurations. This paper explores the issues involved with measuring and managing the functional coverage for a FlexRayTM controller using Vera. Practical solutions and code examples are presented based on the verification environment for a FlexRayTM protocol engine implementation at Freescale Semiconductor.

( Mark Litterick , Marcus Brenner - Freescale Semiconductor )

May 1, 2005