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Mark Litterick

Mark Litterick

Senior Vice President
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Mark Litterick co-founded Verilab in 2000, along with Tommy Kelly and Jason Sprott.

Graduating in 1986 with a First in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Strathclyde University in Glasgow, Mark then spent the next twelve years gaining extensive verification and design experience working for GEC Marconi and Motorola. It was during this time that his unusually deep instinct for verification became apparent when he demonstrated to the designer of a specialized graphics ASIC that it was well within spec. limits and therefore pefectly reasonable to test if a circle-drawing unit within the chip could "draw a circle of radius zero". Needless to say, a potentially dangerous bug was found and eliminated and Mark began to develop the depth, precision, and intensity of skill and engineering approach for which he has become known and respected. 

Towards the end of the 90's, Mark then took a break from terrorizing designers and spent a year traveling the world to pursue his other passion of mountaineering, an ongoing adventure that in addition to his native Europe, has taken him to the Antipodes, Himalayas, North and South America, and (see photo) Greenland. So far.

Returning to the fray in 1999, he spent a year beginning to build individual consulting experience onto his core technical skills, before introducing Tommy and Jason and founding Verilab with them in early 2000. 

As a founder and Senior VP, Mark is among the most sought-after experts on Verilab's elite international team. He combines not only a rare level of mastery in the field of front-end verification and design, he is also a superb technical lead, coach, and teacher and helps clients achieve their goals as much by enabling their own team as by the code and plans he produces.

As part of that work of teaching and enabling other engineers, Mark has authored many technical papers, several of which have won awards including: "Pragmatic Simulation-Based Verification of Clock Domain Crossing Signals and Jitter Using SystemVerilog Assertions" (best paper at DVCon 2006), "SVA Encapsulation in UVM - Enabling Phase and Configuration-Aware Assertions" (best paper at DVCon 2013) and "Lies, Damned Lies, and Coverage" (honourable mention at DVCon 2015).

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