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Jason Sprott

Jason Sprott

Chief Operating Officer
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One of the co-founders of Verilab, Jason Sprott oversees the development and quality assurance of the company's service offerings. He is an expert in HVL-based functional verification, with a strong background in ASIC, FPGA and embedded systems design. Jason has a particular passion for introducing software design principles and practices into hardware functional verification. He defines the recruitment standards, training requirements, and delivery models for all Verilab consultants. He is also responsible for Verilab's strategic partnerships.

Prior to Verilab, Jason held engineering positions at BAE Systems (Scotland) and Densepac Microsystems (CA. USA) before setting up his own independent consulting company in Scotland. He has a Masters degree in Digital Systems Engineering from the University of Heriot Watt, Edinburgh.

Available Resources

  • SVUG 2008: Improve Your SystemVerilog OOP Skills by Learning Principles and Patterns
  • SVUG 2007: Functional Coverage in SystemVerilog
  • SNUG 2008: Multi-Stream Scenarios - Enhancing Stimulus Generation in the VMM
  • SNUG 2009: Using the New Features in VMM 1.1 for Multi-Stream Scenarios
  • DVCON Europe 2016: Formal Verification - Too Good To Miss (Tutorial)
  • DVCon 2014: A Guide To Using Continuous Integration Within The Verification Environment
  • DVCon Europe 2014: Advanced UVM Tutorial
  • DVCon 2015: Navigating The Functional Coverage Black Hole: Be More Effective At Functional Coverage Modeling
  • DVCon Europe 2015: Advanced UVM Tutorial - Taking Reuse To The Next Level

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