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Alex Melikian

Alex Melikian

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Alex is a Principal Verification Engineer with Verilab Canada, possessing nearly 20 years of experience which includes Specman/e and SystemVerilog/UVM. His work has spanned many industries and technologies: telecom, automotive, military communications, data storage and mobile. He’s authored a number of conference papers in addition to producing and editing the “Thoughts On Verification” blog series on the Verilab website.

Available Resources

  • MTV Austin: The Smartphone Approach to HVL Testbenches
  • SNUG Canada 2015: Replacing Hardcoded Register Values with Hardcore Abstraction
  • SNUG Canada 2017: Perplexing Parameter Permutation Problems? Immunize Your Testbench
  • SNUG Austin 2019: All Your Base Transactions Belong To Us
  • SNUG Austin 2019: All Your Base Transactions Belong to Us

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